Artists For PeaceArtists For Peace (AFP) is a non-profit organization. Our Board of Directors and members is comprised of a talented group of professionals, artists, actors from around the world dedicated to AFP’s mission to be a leader in the quest to advocate Peace.


The "Never Again" project was created by Artists For Peace, Flora Martirosian and Michael Stone, to raise awareness and underline the importance of the prevention of crimes against humanity.


With music and the support of the internationally-recognized artists, the goal of "Never Again" is to become a powerful weapon in the mission of world peace.Artists For Peace

"Never Again" intends to raise awareness in understanding the consequences of crimes against humanity through a dream, a campaign, a concert, a movement... toward peace.


Created by FMS Media, in association with Artists for Peace, The Final Game is the first in a series of Stop Racism campaign music videos and features a multitude of celebrities giving their messages of tolerance and peace.


Please support our projects! help us spread a message of peace with music and arts.


Artists For Peace

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